Ultralite Pandeiro Microphone

The same legendary sound and clamp as the original, now without the external preamp!

The new ‘Ultralite’ microphone features active circuitry contained within in the microphone assembly itself, eliminating the need for any external ‘inline’ preamp.  Just plug the Ultralite directly in to any phantom powered microphone input with a standard XLR cable and enjoy the same great sound without the black box.

The Ultralite comes with a 3 meter mini-XLR to XLR cable which can be extended to any length using a standard, balanced XLR cable.

  • Cardioid condenser microphone held by an resilient shock isolation system which minimizes handling noise and protects the microphone.
  • Lightweight, 100% anodized aluminum microphone clamp assembly adds only 35 grams (1.25 oz) to the weight of your drum.
  • Stainless steel screws, nuts, and washers.
  • Phantom-powered active driver circuitry housed inside the microphone assembly.
  • High output level, even at low gain settings.
  • Balanced XLR output, 200Ω.
  • Fully detachable, swap-able, and repairable cable.
  • Specifically designed for frequency range, transient response, and sound pressure levels of pandeiro (perfect for all drums).
  • Proudly crafted by hand (not mass produced) from top-quality components (including Mogami cable and Neutrik connectors) by musician-engineers in Brooklyn, New York.  All CNC machining and PCB assembly done in USA.
Availability and Ordering :

US $300 + S/H.  Contact me Here with your location and I will respond with my paypal information.

If you live in or plan to be in NYC, you can make an appointment to pick your microphone up at my workshop to avoid shipping/handling/transaction fees.