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Because I’ve become so busy with other projects, I’m currently unable to produce my Ultralite microphones.  Because their production requires such acute attention to detail (akin to jewlery making), I’m hoping to re-design the microphone in the coming months to make it easier to produce.

Watch this site, I will be posting an update when new microphones are ready to ship.


Bill Bowen

New “540” Clamps

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This is the first of the new “540” clamps which are adjustable with standard 1/4″ hex pandeiro tuning keys.  Show above is the clamp after it’s been machined and tumbled, but before it’s anodized black.

Berimbau Microphone Prototype

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Here is an old blurry photo of a microphone I made for Cyro Baptista:


It’s the same microphone design I use for frame drums, but with a modified capsule more suited to the mid-rangy frequencies of the instrument.  Also featuring an elongated clamp that positions the microphone in the sweet-spot for picking up the instrument’s characteristic ‘wau-wau’ sound at the gourd’s mouth.